Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Gardening: Freshening up

Since the 100 year old tree came down almost 2 years ago during Hurricane Irene, our back yard has been a nightmare. Although we've come along way from this mud pit we've really given up on our garden dreams. What we planted before and after Irene and 7 months of construction has left to go wild, but watch out, I'm taking it back. Let's just blame the time it takes to write a sewing book!

On Saturday I trimmed back the Acuba that was blocking our view of the bird feeder. We inherited these hardy bushes with the house, every couple of years they need a good hard pruning or they will take over. I know this for a fact now!

Inspired by my ability to work in 90 degree heat in the middle of the afternoon, my hubby started clearing out the weedy vines on the other side of the fence. This was once home to my children's picking garden and fairy central.

Work in Progress!
Now that I can see the bones of the west side of the house and I'm making plans to make it better. There as some lovely bushes back in the little nook, a gorgeous cottage rose bush and a gardenia, that might need to be placed in the main garden where we can see them. I'd like to replace the old fence (finally), clean up the arbor and plant some slow growing azaleas back there so I can forget about that little corner until spring blossoms arrive every year.

I awoke on Sunday with a feeling that I hadn't had in ages, the urge to get dirty and garden. My goal was to clean up the section of garden closets to the kitchen door. After cleaning out the morning glories, vinca and a multitude of day lilies, I went shopping!

The addition of a Star Gazer Lily, 3 Purple Coneflowers, and 3 funny looking Black Eyed Susan's have really brought new life to that side of the house. This week I want to work on the slate patio and I'd love to paint the back porch, if I can get the cat off the railings long enough.

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