Friday, February 8, 2013

Is laminated cotton fabric strong and sturdy?

The answer is YES!!

A few years ago my son had a math homework melt down and as a result he took his pencil and rammed -- it lead first -- into one of my favorite laminated cotton tablecloths and pierced it. Needless to say I was NOT happy.

Amazingly enough, the hole never grew larger. I used that tablecloth for another 6 months straight till a new laminated cotton fabric caught my fancy and I still circulate that tablecloth in every now and then. I'm still amazed that the hole have never ripped or tore though so many wipe downs and heavy use.

Please note that we don't live in a big fancy house, we only have one table so that table gets a lot of use!! School, work, game nights, craft time and every meal happen at the table. We live at that table!

I've used oilcloth and laminated cotton on my tables for almost 7 years now I can honestly say that laminated cotton is just as strong and hard wearing as the oilcloth.

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