Monday, November 12, 2012


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Change is hard, great and scary, isn't it? Modern June is in a massive time of flux and growth, so naturally changes are bound to occur. We've never been busier, thus I've never been crazier. My husband describes me an Elemental Force. Wow, that's hard core. (Whine) I don't want to be hard core, instead I want to be warm and fuzzy. I want to approachable and available to my family, friends and Junies, not just my company.

For the last two to three months (probably more) I've been running on pure adrenalin. I've been so irritable--man, I do not like being snippy. I haven't been taking good care of my family--thankfully my sweet hubby has been working overtime to take of every thing he can--Homeschool, the household and most meals, while working a full-time job. I've neglected my kids so much that it makes my heartbreak. My self-care has been non-existent--I've gained back and added pounds over the last year, my chiropractor hasn't cared for my aching back in ages, and  I haven't had a "lady doctor" check up in 27 months--much to the shock and horror of the woman that took my appointment yesterday (thanks lady, I really needed a MOM lecture right about now).
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I want a simple life filled with love and comfort. I want a home that is filled with warmth and laughter. I am sick to death of the all too common line, "Sorry, I've got to work now." When you work at home you are always at work. My computer is always on, the cutting table is always waiting for me, and the fabric is all around my house. This summer the product for the CLF shows was stacked up in the dining room for so long that I need to dust it. Good gravy, it's more than four people can take.

When you work from home and have workers that come and go or stay and work, your house is a free for all. My neighbors must think that I'm a dealer. Thank goodness they see bolts of fabric coming and going, it's proof that it's really fabric that I'm dealing!! ; ) When you work from home your kids can't ever run around in the jammies, they can't use the bathroom when they need to. They are tied to home and their mothers work. It's crazy.

When I was young my parents worked two jobs, they worked day jobs and then ran their own businesses at night and on the weekends. While this enforced a strong work ethic upon me at an early age, it made me very lonely. They were never home, so I thought I was doing us all a favor by working at home. And I think that was the right course of action for a very long time. But now it's time to go--tt's time to separate work and family life.
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It's time for me to move work out of the house. It's time for me to compartmentalize my life. I look forward to working at the new Summit Street studio, so I be "Kelly" at home--so I can be the Kelly that is present for her family!! I really miss that Kelly.

As we move into to the new studio space, my Junie staff has been changing, growing, evolving. I've had to let a few people go, and I've had some contractors leave. We've gone from a part-time work force of 8 to 4 almost full-timers. That's a really big deal.

Thankfully it's turning out just how I imagined it years ago. I've wanted to slim down all the part-time contractors to a few people that worked more hours. By doing so, I should have less people to manage, less personalities to worry about, and less payroll to do, right? I hope so! It really seems like the productive thing to do, but when you have a gaggle of Junies that work part-time, who do you let go? Who do you want to be working in your house 30-40 hours a week? Now I love my Junies, I really do, but this is my house, my home. My kids don't go to school--since they are homeschooled they are here all day, everyday. Having a full-time person here would just too much of an intrusion on our personal life.

Enter the new studio that I'll be sharing with my friend Heidi Rugg from Bare Foot Puppets!! By renting out this little space I can now have a full time employee!! Geneva's my girl!! She'll be able to come in and get her job done while I'm at home doing my mom thing, or in my personal studio writing my books. It'll be a place where the remaining part timers come and go as scheduled.

(Heavy sigh)

I'm so excited!! This feels so right to me, and even though I know that there will be challenges within the change, I know we'll all work it out. I have a tight and talented team, and a family that cares for me. I'm golden!!

Kathie (Production Manager and Shipping Director)  Geneva (OCA cutter and full-time stitcher) Nicole (Longest Junie Standing/Stitcher) and Kerri (Ohio Sewing Contractor) I give you this...

...our new Modern June home!!
(told you it was ugly)


Kerri said...

Can I use it as a place to live when I visit? All I would need is an air mattress and a loo!

Sandy said...

Congrats on your big change!!!! You figured it out and that is what counts! And I bet that "ugly" space will be adorable in no time....Hope all goes smoothly in the move...:) Sandy