Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sewing with Oilcloth Blog Tour Week 2!!!

Photo Credit: Dana Made It
Have you heard, we're having a blog tour for Sewing with Oilcloth? Don't worry if you have won a copy yet, there's still plenty of chances to win yet to come!

Now grab a cup of tea and click around to see what wonderful things people are saying about Sewing with Oilcloth! I'm just giddy with excitement and I can't thank the wonderful people for their kindness and time.

Tuesday, August 30: Crafty Pod (rescheduled for September 12th)
Wednesday, August 31: Oilcloth Addict and Sew Mama, Sew (rescheduled for September 13)
Thursday, September 1: MADE
Friday, September 2: Craft

Monday, September 5: True Up and Craft Gossip
Tuesday, September 6: Oilcloth International
Wednesday, September 7: Average Jane Craft
Thursday, September 8: Prudent Baby
Friday, September 9: Craft Sanity

Monday, September 12: Crafty Pod
Tuesday, September 13: Sew Mama, Sew 
Wednesday, September 14: Apron Memories
Thursday, September 15:  Craft Buds

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