Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday  (and the occasional Friday) my little home studio fills up with two lovely ladies, I call them my Junies. Nicole been coming in and working for about 2 years and Kathie just hit the one year mark last month.  As you can imagine we have gotten to know each other pretty well as we work away in a 8' x 10' room.

Today we really cracked ourselves up, all we needed was little whoppie pie action (Happy B-day Nicole) to send us off into fits of giggles. Since we are oh so funny and on a serious sugar rush, we wasted a bit of time and made up this list of Junisms!

My eyes are bleeding.
It's my first day.
Would you ask Joannes for that?
This me focusing.
Who stole my tape?
Hi, I am new here.
Dot. Dot. Dot.
Duh, this is NOT my first day! (eye roll)
I am going to the shed.
Are you kidding me?
Guess where this is going...
Scarred. For. Life.
What are you smoking?
Junies Cluck Cluck is staring at me! 
Vail of silence.
No chat zone.

We are sure that we have many more Junisms to share so come on back and check the list!

Have some chocolate today!!!

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Courtney said...

No! You took a photo of the UPS guy? That is hilarious. It's always nice to get a package in the mail, but this is an especially exciting one.