Monday, June 30, 2008

Crafty Bastards part 2

Richmond Craft Mafia, originally uploaded by RaygunRobyn.

Here is a great picture that was taken by our neighbor, Raygun Robyn, maker of kick ass t-shirts and other fun stuff! Check out her interview on the Crafty Bastard Blog -- now that is a shout out!!!! I was unable to take my own pictures at the show this go 'round, as I left without my camera battery.

Crafty Bastards was great, and we had a steady flow of peeps! We had great booth neighbors with loads of cool loot. Some of my favorites were...

Norfolk Craft Mafia! Sloan and Ashley were great to hang out with on a super hot day!

My Favorite Mirror, why oh why didn't I get a mouse pad? Man, I really regret that!

These are just a few that I love-love-love! I will try and add more later, but I have got to crank out some aprons before the kid's Recycled Treasures class. Have a great one!

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